Two Irish teens died in mysterious circumstances in Greece, first Andrew and then his friend Max

Irish teens death

Irish teens death ~ Andrew O’Donnell and Max Wall died within days of a graduation trip to Greece. They were both 18. They died over the weekend on the island of Ios.

Andrew and Max were Irish. The Irish teens described as “shining stars” died with a few days of a trip to Greece. Andrew vanished on Friday night. His body was found on Sunday in a rocky area under a cliff, as reported by the Independent.

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Wall tried to find his missing friend but all went in vain. He printed posters for his missing friend and distributed the leaflets around the town. He was doing this relentlessly until he hear about O’Donnell’s death. He, then, decided to go home to grieve.

Wall was waiting for a ferry when he suddenly collapsed at the Ios port. There were 90 students from St Michael’s College in Dublin that traveled to Ios island. They went to enjoy some easy time after their final exams.

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Teenegers’ classmates lined up in an informal honor when the bodies were taken by hearse to Ios port. Greek authorities are waiting for the result of post-mortem. The post-mortem results will give a way to the investigation into the deaths.

According to reports,O’Donnell’s body exhibited injuries from a fall, while officials believe Wall’s death may be linked to a pre-existing health condition that had required heart surgery years ago.

“We are heartbroken. We have a very tight-knit community and these are two fantastic young men with their lives ahead of them,” St. Michael’s principal Tim Kelleher told a news agency. A memorial is being organized at the school.

“These two lads were shining stars — academically, sporting, loads of friends. Andrew was a really good soccer player and Max a great rugby player. They were disciplined about their sport and themselves. It’s just so tragic,” Kelleher told the Independent.

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