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Jenny McCarthy Carmen Electra ReuniteJenny McCarthy Carmen Electra Reunite

Jenny McCarthy Carmen Electra Reunite ~ The most recent campaign that SKIMS has created for its range of swimwear whisks viewers away to the decade of the 1990s.

Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra, the presenters of the MTV program Singled Out, may be seen in a new promotional video released on Thursday by Kim Kardashian’s firm.

The two may be seen in a brief video they uploaded to Instagram cleaning a hot rod as the soap gets all over them. The video also shows the hot rod. This offers evidence of the outstanding physical fitness that both of the individuals possess.

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This summer, the movie SKIMS is reportedly doing exceptionally well at the box office, indicating that it is trendy. In the sexiest swim of the day, @CarmenElectra and @JennyMcCarthy, two of the sexiest bombshells of the ’90s, reconnect.

When Carmen, 51, and Jenny, 50, uploaded the video to their Instagram accounts, the caption read, “It’s a wet hot summer in @SKIMS Swim featuring me and my girl.” Carmen is 51 years old, while Jenny is 50 years old. They are both in the first half of their 50s at this point in their lives.

“Working with Carmen, who looks incredible, brought an extra exciting dynamic to the set,” the director stated of her participation in the production. McCarthy sent a statement to the media on the event in the form of a press release. Even though it made us feel as if we had been transported back to the 1990s, we are still having a wonderful time together.

According to Electra, working with Jenny once again on the Skims advertising was “a dream come true.” In addition to the fact that she exuded allure and was the one who gave me the most amount of encouragement, she was also the person who brought the most enthusiasm to the set. It fills me with delight to think that we will be able to experience this life-changing occasion together, and I hope that you feel the same way.

The comment sections of both women’s postings were inundated with expressions of congratulations from the women’s respective fans.

Singled Out has reached an agreement to reunite as a band. You two have not shown any traces of the aging process at all. On Electra’s Facebook page, a supporter observed that she and her partner are still adolescents.

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~ Jenny McCarthy Carmen Electra Reunite

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