Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

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Arghwan Rabbhi is the founder of Bharat Duniya. He is the main content writer of this website. He is also the co-founder of entertainment website chuglibaz.com and literary website sahityaduniya.com as well. Arghwan's family is from a village in Balrampur District of UP. His father Shabbir Khan is a retired teacher while his mother Zafrun Nisha is a house wife. Shabbir had moved to Budaun after he got a job in prestigious H.S.I.I. College of Budaun. Arghwan's father taught Physics. Arghwan is three brothers, he is the youngest. His eldest brother Imroz Rabbhi Khan is in media business while his elder brother Arslan Rabbhi Khan is in traveling business. Arghwan was born and brought up in Budaun. He did his graduation in Commerce from Lucknow University. After graduation, he started his own coaching institute in Lucknow. He invested lots of his time doing research about different topics. He has a post graduate degree in Arts. He is a Gold Medalist in Western History from University of Lucknow. Arghwan had joined siasat.com as a senior journalist. He has started Bharat Duniya in 2016. website links: www.arghwanpersonal.com www.shayarighar.com www.sahityaduniya.com www.bharatduniya.org www.chuglibaz.com