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Shehzada Dawood TitanFather and son who died on Titan submersible described as 'best friends' at memorial

During the ceremony honoring the deceased father and son, who both passed on aboard the Titan submarine, the two were referred to as “best friends” who “belonged together.”

Christine Dawood, the mother of Suleman, 19, and the wife of British businessman Shahzada Dawood, who were both killed when the ship sadly sank, thanks everyone who had offered cards and encouraging letters. Suleman was 19 years old when he died, and Christine Dawood was married to Shahzada Dawood, a British businessman.

The five individuals trapped inside the submersible and attempting to investigate the sinking of the Titanic all died simultaneously.

“Over the last several days, it has been quite challenging for our family. Mrs. Dawood, who is originally from Germany, expressed her feelings during the online prayer session on Tuesday in the late afternoon. These included happiness, wonder, hope, grief, and loss.

Mrs. Dawood recounted when her husband held his son and stated, “I simply felt these two belonged together.” She brought up this memory when she was talking about the birth of Suleman. He was reuniting with an old acquaintance in preparation for upcoming exploits.

They knew this would be their last vacation as best friends, yet they decided to go on it nonetheless.

Mr. and Mrs. Dawood and Suleman and his sister made their home in the neighborhood of Surbiton, located in southwest London. Mr. Dawood was from one of the wealthiest families in Pakistan and was well-known for his contributions to two organizations founded by King Charles.

His father, Hussain Dawood, spoke at the memorial as he was sobbing as he remembered the other three gentlemen who died on the Titan. He talked about how they were all friends.

What do you think a dad or grandfather would have to say in a circumstance like this?

They were both in such a good mood. He remarked, “I’m really excited about seeing the Titanic.” “I’m really excited about seeing the Titanic.”

“It’s amazing that Shahzada displayed not only an entrepreneurial spirit but also a high spirit of exploration,” he added. “That’s a rare combination of qualities.”

After seeing how enthusiastic Shahzad and Suleman were about their trip to Antarctica this winter, we agreed to accompany them on their journey and spend the season there. ~ Keyphrase – Shehzada Dawood Titan

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