Wed. Jul 17th, 2024
Knife Wielding Man in Times SquareKnife Wielding Man in Times Square

Knife Wielding Man in Times Square ~ In a real shocking incident, a man with knife was wandering behind a group of musicians in Times Square on Wednesday morning. All of this was captured by a local photographer.

A Hell’s Kitchen-based photographer namely Richard Moore noticed the armed maniac standing on a granite block and yelling at around 10 AM. Moore said, “I thought, ‘Oh, this isn’t very good.”

He said that he saw that man flashing the knife while everybody else was walking and having fun in their personal life. The moment Moore got closer, he noticed that man with the knife jump off the block and start to trail a group of musicians.

“I noticed he had this knife in one hand and he got close enough to one of the musicians to put his other hand on the musician’s shoulder,” Moore said. He said to himself,”This isn’t gonna be good.”

Moore than called 911 and waited for the cops to come in to the scene. He feared that the man will appear again can do something bad.

“Police got him from behind … I don’t know if they grabbed the knife or he dropped it,” he said.

“It was dealt with very peacefully and quickly,” Moore added. “They took him down safely for him and others.” The Police Department has not given any knowledge as of now whether the man was arrested or taken to the hospital for a possible psych evaluation.

~ Knife Wielding Man in Times Square

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