Maryland church suffers $100K in damages after vandalism, Pastor recalls, “never seen a..

Fowler United Methodist Church

Fowler United Methodist Church was vandalized earlier this month. The police is investigating the matter which prima facie seemed to be a hate crime. According to church estimates, the damage is approximately $100,000, including a large cross being torn down and Bibles being ripped apart.

Fowler UMC Senior Pastor Jerome Jones talked about the incident while giving an interview. He said that he has “never seen a church desecrated to where you just feel the hate.”

Jones added,” And it was so disturbing to my soul. And it was a weight, I would say, that I have never anticipated I would have to carry”. “The pain of what the cross stands for, and to see someone desecrate it to that capacity.”

On June 9, Anne Arundel County authorities were informed of the vandalism at the Church. Eastport United Methodist Church posted to its Facebook page about it on June 16.

Eastport UMC posted,” Over the past week their pastor and I have been in touch, discussing ways their congregation can be supported. So far, we have been able to support them with some sound equipment while other churches have supported them with hymnals and bibles”.

“They still require additional financial support to cover remaining audio/visual needs, so on Sunday we will collect a love offering to support them during this time. You can give ahead of time online at and select ‘Mission Offering.’”

According to a report, attacks on churches in the country is on the rise. The report stated,”..have been steadily on the rise for the past several years, and the first quarter of 2023 has continued the upward trend.”

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