Robert De Niro’s daughter claims his son died from fentanyl-laced pills

Leandro De Niro Death Robert De Niro Grandson Death

Robert De Niro Grandson Death ~ Robert De Niro’s grandson Leandro who was just 19, died after over doses of pills laced with fentanyl. This was claimed by deceased mother.

The teenager’s body was discovered from a lower Manhattan apartment. Police sources said that powdery substance and drug paraphernalia was also recovered from nearby.

His mother allegedly claimed that someone knowingly sold her son tainted drugs. Toxicology report is still pending in the case.

His mother Drena wrote on her Instagram profile on Tuesday-” Someone sold him fentanyl-laced pills that they knew were laced yet still sold them to him.”

“So for all these people still f–king around selling and buying this s–t, my son is gone forever,” she added.

The police is still trying to figure out the cause of death but it is clear that the department is looking into all the possibilities.

NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig told reporters last month that fentanyl is now “laced in probably 98% of the drugs” in the Big Apple.

“Fentanyl is in everything now, everything,” Essig said. “Now people have low tolerance, that’s why they’re overdosing so much.”

Mother Drena shared several tributes –

“I can barely type through my tears but all the love, the messages, calls, texts, emails, the friends and family that held me up these last 24 hrs I’ve not been able to respond yet but we’re grateful for the all your love and condolences,” she wrote Monday evening.

“None of this is right or fair and my heart hurts in a way I never knew possible while still breathing and barely functioning. Leo my darling I love you today like the first day I held you in my arms.”

She continued: “The same man that picked us up from the hospital when you were born drove us to the funeral home where I touched and held you for the last time.”

Her Oscar-winning father issued a statement of his own on Monday, saying: “I’m deeply distressed by the passing of my beloved grandson Leo. We’re greatly appreciative of the condolences from everyone. We ask that we please be given privacy to grieve our loss of Leo.”

Robert De Niro reacts to his grandson death,”I’m deeply distressed”

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~ Robert De Niro Grandson Death

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