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Britney Spears Victor Wembanyama

Britney Spears Victor Wembanyama ~ Britney Spears has spoken out after reports that she was verbally mistreated by a security guard working the event for this year’s top pick in the NBA draft, Victor Wembanyama.

The pop singer said in a statement that she met Wembanyama for the first time in the lobby of her hotel in Las Vegas as she prepared to go out to dinner on Thursday. The statement was posted on Twitter. She said she had seen him later that evening at a restaurant in a different hotel.

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Spears showed her appreciation for Wembanyama’s accomplishments by recognizing and expressing her wish to thank him.

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The musician shared their story: “I tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention because it was deafening.” “Then, without me turning around and in front of a crowd, his security backhanded me in the face.”

She claims that the impact almost knocked her down and caused her glasses to break.

Wembanyama, who the San Antonio Spurs picked up in the draft a month ago, said to the media on Thursday that someone “grabbed me from behind” as he was moving down a hallway to get his attention. This took place while he was at the team’s training facility.

After then, security “pushed her away,” according to what he claimed, but he added that he wasn’t there to watch it since he had been advised not to stop in case a crowd formed around him. He stated that he didn’t see it himself because of this instruction.

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The 19-year-old individual said he was unaware of “how much force” had been used and did not recognize Spears until many hours after the incident.

Spears addressed Wembanyama’s comments in her response and rejected the assertion that she “grabbed him from behind.” She was referring to the accusation that Wembanyama made.

In her letter, she said, “I merely touched him on the shoulder.”

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Britney Spears Victor Wembanyama

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