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Arghwan Rabbhi
Founder and CEO

Arghwan has started Bharat Duniya in 2016. The web portal was started from Lucknow and started getting audience from around the world. Arghwan has done his post graduation in Western History from University of Lucknow. He received a Gold Medal in Western History. He currently lives in Mumbai.


Team Bharat Duniya

Hari Bhan Yadav
Hari Bhan Yadav is our Uttar Pradesh incharge. He is a senior journalist. Hari Bhan has done his law graduation from University of Lucknow. He has joined Bharat Duniya in 2022. He lives in Lucknow. email-

Mohammad Shahryar Khan 
Shahryar Khan is a social media manager. He lives in Gorakhpur. He joined ‘Bharat Duniya’ in 2020.

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka is a content writer. She has done her post graduation from Punjab. She lives in Hoshiyarpur, Punjab. She has joined ‘Bharat Duniya’ in 2017.

Arish Khan
Arish is a content writer. He lives in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. He joined ‘Bharat Duniya’ in 2019.

Mohd Fazil
Senior Video Journalist. He is a specialist in video coverage of elections. He is from Moradabad.

Team Bharat Duniya