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'Shark Tank' Daymond John'Shark Tank' Daymond John

Daymond John, a famous investor, has taken ex-contestants from the reality show “Shark Tank” to court and requested a restraining order against them.

After participating in the business reality television series, the Baker family complained that working with John was a “nightmare” and criticized him on various social media platforms after the experience.

After the Baker family discussed the “Shark Tank” business agreement in public, John was accused by the Baker family of “misleading” the owners of Bubba Q’s Boneless Baby Back Ribs, taking their earnings, and depriving them of lucrative possibilities. This allegation came after the Baker family publicly published information about the business transaction.

In a statement sent to Fox News Digital, the creator of FUBU strongly refuted these allegations.

“After several failed efforts to provide the Bakers with the opportunity to rectify their infractions. Zach Rosenfield, a spokesman for John, said in the beginning that “it is unfortunate that it has come to this.”

Baker Family (Shark Tank Contestans)
Baker Family (Shark Tank Contestans)

“This temporary restraining order is due to the Baker’s blatant actions to undermine a business partnership and the legal parameters they agreed to four years ago,” the judge said in the ruling. “This temporary restraining order will remain in effect until further notice.”

As a result of the claims, John intends to apply for a temporary restraining order against the business owners Al “Bubba” Baker, his wife Sabrina, and their daughter Brittani.

“Their belief that they can unwind poor business decisions through slanderous social media posts and articles will no longer be tolerated,” the statement said in its conclusion.

This Thursday, a federal court in New Jersey reportedly dismissed the lawsuit without prejudice, citing jurisdictional concerns as the reason. The report was published in the Los Angeles Times.

Brittani, Bubba Q’s daughter, continues to share information about the “Shark Tank” business agreement on various social media platforms, which has prompted John to pursue legal action against the family. Brittani has provided the “Shark Tank” business partners with various copies of the email correspondence that has taken place between Bubba Q’s and them.

Brittani and the Baker family said that the star of “Shark Tank” changed the terms of their first arrangement, disregarded their objections incessantly, and kept them out of critical business meetings.

She also recorded an audio chat that she had with John about the financial issues her family was experiencing with their company.

“Even if you were to send it to me, I wouldn’t touch it under any circumstances,” she said. “You need to keep talking to the people, I guess; however, you guys set up the communication,” John said. “You can’t stop talking to them.”

“Since I’ve stopped having to cope with the conflict caused by this matter, my life has been noticeably less complicated. Only you will step in and mess everything up; they may have a good reason, or they could be wrong, but you’re the only one going to do it…”

On the fifth season of “Shark Tank,” aired in 2015, the Bakers presented their boneless baby back ribs to the investors. According to the family, John’s first offer of $300,000 for 30 percent of the firm transaction was then changed behind the scenes to $100,000 in exchange for 35 percent.

According to the media site, the Bakers have been quite vocal about their reservations about the possibility of engaging in a commercial partnership with John and Rastelli Foods Group, a meat factory contracted to create Bubba Q’s Boneless Baby Back Ribs patent. In addition, the family claimed that they had only gotten 4% of the company’s total income, which was around $16 million.

Three days after the piece was published in the Los Angeles Times, John also provided a video response to the reaction against him that was shared on social media. (‘Shark Tank’ Daymond John)

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