Sydney Sweeney talks about Euphoria,”My dad and grandpa turned it off and walked out”

Sydney Sweeney Euphoria

Sydney Sweeney Euphoria ~ Star of HBO’s risqué drama Sydney Sweeney says several members of her own family couldn’t watch the show.

Sweeney says of his mother, “she knew the story and I talked to her a lot about it — my dad didn’t,” in a preview clip for this weekend’s Sunday Today With Willie Geist. True, I failed to forewarn my father. At all.”

Sweeney jokes, “I mean, how do you bring that up in conversation? Furthermore, when I call or visit my dad, we seldom discuss business. We have normal chats between a dad and his daughter. Without informing me, he made the decision to see it with his parents.

Her family was caught off guard by her performance as Cassie on the edgy adolescent drama. And needless to say, they were more delighted than they had ever been surprised.

“My dad and grandpa turned it off and walked out,” Sweeney explains. However, my granny is a huge fan of mine. I consider her a devoted admirer. In fact, I often take her with me to other filming locations across the globe to serve as an extra in my productions.

Season 3 of Euphoria has been confirmed, however its start date has not yet been determined. (Sydney Sweeney Euphoria)

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