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Angelina Jolie UN DinnerAngelina Jolie UN Dinner

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At a United Nations dinner in New York City with her children, Angelina Jolie amplified the Hollywood glam with a turtleneck dress, a white dress, and long gloves made of turtleneck fabric.

The Oscar winner, who is 42 years old, attended the United Nations Secretary-General’s Award Ceremony in a floor-length gown that hugged her curves and included a long, white satin train. The ceremony took place at the Lincoln Memorial.

At the occasion on which he was awarded as the 2017 UNSA Global Citizen of the Year, she was accompanied by her four children from her previous relationship with the strange ex-husband Brad Pitt: Rax, 14, Zahara, 12, Haloh, 11, and Knox, 9.

The other knights were attired in uts, and Haloh even donned a bow tie for dinner. Zahara wore a black tor and rant, while the other knights dressed in uts.

Jole, who is a “resial envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees,” gave an eloquent speech on being a citizen of the world and how grateful she is to have her family when so many other people who work for the UN have been unable to do so due to the dangers of their jobs. Jole’s speech was well received.

“In my rotation, I’ve been able to build and raise a family,” she said of her position with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). “when I think of a number of my fellow soldiers who have been unable to have a family as a result of the hazardous conditions in which they were had to labor for years on end and the sacrifices they have been forced to make. It is not an easy task.”

“It is being suggested by some roles today that to consider yourself a global citizen is to share responsibility for your own country, to be insufficiently patriotic,” he said. “This is something that is being suggested by some roles today.”

“We are made to believe that international conventions and treaties, as well as commitments to human rights that have been built up over generations, are a threat to the territorial integrity of individual nations. However, this is not the case. if there is one and only one way for any nation to survive, it is at the expense of all others.”

“Just like everyone else in this room, I am very patriotic. I couldn’t be more excited to be an American. But I also feel a sense of responsibility for all the other people around the globe fighting for the freedom that we are so lucky to have been assured just a few years ago.

This is something that I feel strongly about. “and for me, this is what it means to be a citizen of the world: seeing yourself in the struggle of others, regarding their fight for human rights and freedom as your fight.” Seeing yourself in the struggle of others is what it means to be a global citizen. ~ Angelina Jolie UN Dinner

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