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Kim Kardashian Next Man

Kim Kardashian Next Man ~ Kim Kardashian has been in public and private partnerships that have received a lot of attention. She’s been in short-term relationships for pleasure and long-term marriages that have resulted in several children. And throughout it all, she has been working to develop a clear understanding of the qualities she seeks in a partner.

It is not explicitly mentioned, but it is hinted that none of the people she has dated up to this point, including Kanye West and Pete Davidson, have quite measured up to all of these attributes. This includes the fact that she is now seeing Pete Davidson. In their defense, though, we must admit it is quite a bit!

In addition, Kim, being the astute and well-organized businesswoman that she is, seems to have all of this information noted on her phone, as she was shown reading from the device while breaking down the lengthy (and tiresome!) list on the most recent episode of “The Kardashians.”

The reality actress, who is 42 years old, has said that she requires her partner to “protect me, fight for me, have good hygiene — and since that is a given, I should maybe take that off — be calm, not have any issues with their mother or father, be patient, supportive, genuinely happy for me, and successful.”

Obviously, this was a list she had been working on and compiling for a considerable amount of time. And her discussion of eliminating excellent hygiene from the category of “a given” suggests that there is still more work to be done on it. Aren’t we all, Kim?

That was not the whole list by any means. “Good teeth,” she said, “good teeth.” “One of the things that turns me on the most. I’m joking, but I’m not because the straight you make me, the hornier you’ll make me.

Kim added, “Also, no balding,” but again stopped to examine the implications of her statement. “If I am in love, then I will rub your bald head,” she resolved. “If I am not in love, then I will not.” “But all we’re doing is talking about our to-do list.

About perfection, as mentioned earlier list, Kim said that her ideal partner should also be “spontaneous, fun, my friends and family love him, and someone who can be a role model for my kids — especially someone my boys can look up to.” Kim quickly pointed out that her perfect man should have all these qualities.

“No heavy baggage (I have enough),” she said. “I am already overloaded.” “Someone who is taller than me, someone who enjoys working out, someone who is self-motivated and independent, someone who isn’t clingy, and someone who has good taste.”

The sequence after the credits rolled revealed that there were even more characteristics on that list than those she mentioned during the central portion of the presentation. “Not only is she bright and generous, but she has impeccable manners. I want to adore their odor after I’ve been to the gym and I can read a room. We could have facials and laser treatments together, have our own thing going on, and be adaptive and respectful to others; this is particularly important when no one is looking.

We have a sneaking suspicion that Kim is still going through this never-ending list of boyfriend material attributes. She may be breaking down every single detail she’s searching for, such as how he laces his shoes, what his favorite color ought to be, and the number of times he sneezes in a row somewhere out there in the world.

We hope potential suitors were paying great attention to all the specifics, considering that one episode included more than 30 different things alone. We also have high hopes that Kim will be ready to make a few little compromises here and there for her good. It’s possible that males don’t have to match all of her rigorous standards if she’s already prepared to accept baldness if it means they love her.

Us Weekly claims that Kim has found a boyfriend, but for now, she keeps any information about the two of them, including whether or not they have a relationship, tightly under wraps.

She explained it in the episode aired on June 6, when she laughed and said, “I just want to sneak around a little bit. There’s no shame in admitting that you wish to be sneaky.” She said that while she was dating Davidson, the media “made me feel like I was in a severe relationship so quickly,” therefore, she is trying to avoid the pressure that comes with it.

According to a source who spoke with Us Weekly, she and this mystery guy are taking things slow and need to prepare to call what they have yet.

According to their insider, Kim is being extra careful about allowing herself to be seen with anybody on her arm since social media and traditional media would quickly blow the story out of proportion. This is entirely understandable.

And at this point, she has even provided them with a 30-point bulletin to dissect all there is to know about whomever her next boyfriend is. During the same show, she naturally shared with Scott Disick that the identity of her mystery boyfriend “so meets the standards.”

At the same time, she shared with Scott that she is not interested in settling down with a single guy at this juncture in her life since she does not want to limit her options. She has “never dated” in such a manner, so she would like to give casual dating a go if she thinks she can successfully pull it off.

The rumored meltdown between Kim and Kourtney about Kim’s Dolce & Gabbana Deal at her wedding to Travis Barker was authentic and caused a breach between the sisters. Elsewhere in the show, Travis Barker’s wedding was the setting for the argument. ~ Kim Kardashian Next Man

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