Sydney Sweeney’s mini-skirt look is a lovely throwback

Sydney Sweeney’s mini-skirt look is a lovely throwback

Sydney Sweeney mini skirt ~ Does it seem like we’ve been waiting for the release of Euphoria season three for an eternity, or is it just us? The popular television drama was picked up for a third season in February 2022, although the startling conclusion to the second season was aired more than a year earlier… However, we will have to keep our patience until at least the year 2025. Weep!

There is one thing in particular that we have been missing ever since the show ended: fashion. Aside from driving ourselves crazy trying to imagine what would happen next for Rue, Nate, Fex, Lexi, and the entire crew, there is one thing in particular that we have been missing: the clothes.

Without our weekly dose of absolutely ridiculous Y2K-style outfits, life hasn’t been the same. This includes everything from micro-mini skirts, crop tops, and cutouts to those spectacular house party looks worn by people like Cassie and Maddy. Because of this, we couldn’t be happier to see that Sydney Sweeney has wholly embraced her character’s style and is wearing the part in real life and on the show.

The former cover model for Cosmopolitan UK was recently seen in New York City filming a commercial for Bai Water. While there, she was photographed sporting one of the outfits most reminiscent of Cassie Howard, whom we have seen on a date. You must be able to see her strutting her stuff around East Highland High School in that fantastic little outfit. Her baby shirt is pink and white and says “Bai Babe” across the front. It is just cut enough to show off her belly button, and it is the ideal complement to Syd’s little cargo-style pink mini, which is more pockets than a skirt, to be honest.

It’s exactly the perfect combination of preppy, sensual, and nostalgic, and it’s a tutorial on how to dress well for the summer of 2000. Sydney finished off her ensemble with some classic Nineties and Noughties accessories as well, including gold hoop earrings, Britney-style pink-lens sunglasses, and some white kitten-heel shoes that are a genuine homage to our Tammy Girl days (although obviously, Syd’s are by Miu Miu).

Recently, Sydney has also significantly improved her appropriate appearance for a schoolgirl. During her most recent appearance on the Today Show, she wore an outfit that could only be characterized as a high-fashion take on a school uniform. This outfit even featured cotton socks and a tie.

If this indicates the kind of clothing featured in the third season, the wait will be more than worthwhile. ~ Sydney Sweeney mini skirt

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