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Coco Lee DeathDisney Star Coco Lee Dead at 48 After Coma

Coco Lee Death ~ Coco Lee, a Hong Kong singer-songwriter who enjoyed widespread acclaim, has left the city. His music may be heard on the soundtracks of the movies “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Runaway Bride,” as well as the Mandarin version of the Disney classic “Mulan.” She was already 48 years old at the time.

On Wednesday, the singer of “Before I Fall in Love” and her sister Carol revealed, in a statement posted on Instagram, that the singer had made a decision that would significantly influence her own life.

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According to her brothers, while CoCo has struggled with depression for quite some time, “her condition has deteriorated drastically over the last few months.”

They claimed that despite Coco’s best attempts to overcome her sadness and the help she sought from specialists, the devil that dwelt inside her ultimately prevailed.

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This was even though Coco made the most beautiful efforts possible. On July 2, she committed suicide inside her home and was later taken to the hospital.

Despite the most significant attempts of medical personnel to revive and treat her, it was ultimately futile, and she died away on July 5, 2023. This occurred despite the fact that she had been in cardiac arrest.

Even though she was born and raised in Hong Kong, Lee started her career as a singer in the 1990s and has released more than 15 studio albums over the subsequent three decades.

In the Mandarin adaptation of the iconic Disney animated film Mulan, she also provided the voice for the title character, Mulan, and sang the theme song for the character, “Reflection.” In addition, she provided the voice of Mulan in the original English version of the film.

The songs “Di Da Di,” “Yesterday’s Love,” and “Before I Fall in Love” brought the singer the majority of her fame.

“Before I Fall in Love” was used in the 1999 romantic comedy Runaway Bride, which starred Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

“Di Da Di” and “Yesterday’s Love” were also hits for the singer. Cantonese, Mandarin, and English were among the languages that the vocalist performed in.

She made history as the first Chinese American singer to ever perform at the event when she performed “A Love Before Time,” a song from the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon that was nominated for an Academy Award in the category of Best Original Song in 2001.

The song was from the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack.

The film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” soundtrack included the song. In the same year, she became Chanel’s very first Chinese ambassador. She held this position for the whole of that year.

In addition, Lee was a judge on several other singing competition programs televised in China and Taiwan. The series Chinese Idol, World’s Got Talent, and Super Idol are examples of this program.

She competed in the famous I Am a Singer competition in China in 2015 and emerged victorious as the country’s top singer.

Although her most recent studio album, Illuminate, was released in 2013, Lee has continued to perform live and write new songs during the last decade.

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