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Scarlett Johansson SonScarlett Johansson Says Her Husband Took Care Of Baby Cosmo While Shooting 'Asteroid City' Scarlett Johansson Says Her Husband Took Care Of Baby Cosmo While Shooting 'Asteroid City'

Keyphrase – Scarlett Johansson Son ~ When Scarlett Johansson was gone shooting Asteroid City, her husband, Colin Jost, cared for their son Cosmo. Scarlett praised Colin for being “incredibly helpful” in this role. At the moment, Scarlett was entirely occupied with her work on Asteroid City.

It took the Avengers actress, who was 38 years old and had just given birth in August 2021, only eight weeks after giving birth, to start filming the newest Wes Anderson movie.

When asked how she could return to work so soon after giving the baby, Johansson said that she had “a lot of help.”

She explained to Makho Ndlovu from People in 10 that she had not been working because she was a mother to her kid as well as Covid. As a direct result of the situation, I hadn’t shot any images in nearly three years.

In response to Ndlovu’s inquiry, Johansson shared that Saturday Night Live actor Jost could spend around one week filming with her. In addition to being beneficial since you need someone to burp the infant in the middle of the night, this was a convenient option.

Knowing that your spouse will be there to assist you whenever you want assistance is comforting.

Jost told his followers on Instagram that Johansson had given birth to their first child together less than a week after he revealed during a stand-up comedy performance that she was expecting their first child together.

This was the first kid that the couple had together.

Additionally, the actress known as Black Widow has a daughter by the name of Rose, who is now six years old. The actress and her former spouse, Romain Dauriac, are the parents of their daughter Rose.

Johansson and Jost finally got the marriage in October 2020, after dating for a total of three years before the big day. Earlier this year, she brought them up in a chat and claimed they often “communicate with one another and check in.”

She also mentioned the fact that they “laugh a lot.”She recently opened up about becoming a mother, saying that the experience makes her feel like she has been in an “emotionally abusive relationship” since she gave birth to a kid.

She said this in response to a question about why she felt this way.

During her appearance on The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast, Johansson discussed how the passage of time affected the events that transpired in the days leading up to Rose’s third birthday and how she interpreted these changes.

When we had the conversation, my kid was two years old, and I remember thinking, “This is amazing. I am utterly oblivious to everything that is going on around me.

I have no idea what to do. She said it was like being in a relationship with someone who emotionally abused you and then the kid becoming three years old.

It is unbelievable to have enormous highs and lows on the emotional spectrum and an authoritative and opinionated personality. In addition to this, there is a consistent movement toward emotions that are more pessimistic.

A movie titled Asteroid City is now playing in theaters throughout the world.

Keyphrase – Scarlett Johansson Son

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