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Netflix Titanic Sub TitanNetflix trolled for return of 'Titanic

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‘The timing is so wrong’: Netflix trolled for return of ‘Titanic’ days after submarine tragedy: Some users are finding “Titanic,” one of the few new movies available on Netflix as of July 1, upsetting in light of the tragedy aboard the OceanGate Titan submarine the previous week. “Titanic” is one of the few new movies available.

There won’t be many new movies to choose from, but one of them is “Titanic” by James Cameron. When the Titan submarine sunk in the Atlantic Ocean while it was on its way to the wreckage of the Titanic, five of the people on it were killed.

People who are active on social media have expressed their disagreement with the choice that Netflix made to make James Cameron’s “Titanic” accessible on the streaming service so soon after the disaster that was caused by the submersible.

According to one of our readers, “Netflix is going beyond what can be considered decent at this point.” Many individuals are under the impression that the streamer is attempting to profit from the tragic events that took place on the Titanic by adding the song “Titanic” to its playlist.

A further user of Twitter expressed their opinion that it is “beyond distasteful” to capitalize on the present situation to increase views. A horrific accident that occurred at the location of the Titanic resulted in the deaths of a significant number of people.

Even while Netflix’s decision to broadcast “Titanic” on July 1 may not seem like the finest idea, it is implausible that the streaming giant aims to profit from the catastrophe itself.

According to those acquainted with the arrangement, the release date of “Titanic” on Netflix is a coincidence since the licensing agreements for the streaming service are worked out far in advance.

The licensing agreements for the streaming service are being worked up. The news that members of the band Titan had gone away was shared with the general public on June 22. If “Titanic” will be made accessible on Netflix on July 1, then the streaming service must have already ironed out all of the licensing details far before that date (i.e., much before the Titan submarine vanished).

The remains of the Titanic may be found at a depth of 4,000 meters, and the Titan submarine, owned and operated by OceanGate, can carry up to five people there at a time. There is a possibility that the journey may take up to 10 hours and will cost around 250,000 dollars for each participant.

The submersible catastrophe claimed the lives of several people, including the former French Navy diver Paul-Henry Nargeolet, the British businessman Hamish Harding, the British Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman, who was 19 years old, the OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush, and the British Pakistani businessman Hamish Harding.

When the news came about the fatalities that took place on the Titanic, James Cameron, a long-time member of the diving community who has personally made multiple excursions to the Titanic debris, made several appearances in the media.

Cameron has also directed several films about the Titanic and its aftermath. Titanic made Cameron a household name with his performance in the film.

Cameron said, “The community was very worried about this sub.” Even prominent specialists in deep submergence engineering have sent letters to the corporation saying their technology is too experimental to transport humans and must be approved before it can be deployed. These letters were sent over to the company’s attention.

Cameron remarked, “I’m struck by the similarities of the actual Titanic catastrophe,” in which “the captain of the ship was constantly warned of ice ahead of his ship, and yet he went at full speed into an ice field on a moonless night, and as a result, many people perished.” Cameron was referring to the incident in which “the captain of the ship was constantly warned of ice ahead of his ship.”

From our point of view, the unfortunate result was caused by the fact that the warnings were ignored. Thinking that all of these divers are gathering simultaneously in the same place to carry out their underwater investigation is beyond my comprehension. It’s strange.

Keyphrase – Netflix Titanic Sub Titan

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