After buying $60M house with husband Ben Affleck, JLo shops for furniture

JLo House with Ben

JLo House with Ben ~ Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had been searching for a new house for at least a year before deciding to purchase. It seemed like every other month; there was a new report claiming that they had finally located a home, only for there to be a new one shortly after detailing how they had changed their minds. On the other hand, their hunt was finally successful a week ago.

The revelation that they had purchased a massive property for $60 million, which is an outrageous amount of money, was first reported by TMZ. They were able to pay cash for the property.

However, even though this price is incomprehensibly high, it is considered a bargain since 2018 it was listed for $135 million, and early this year, it was reduced to $75 million.

After that, Bennifer lopped off an additional $15 million from that total. You may see further photographs of the estate on this page.

Bennifer’s new house features a 155-foot infinity pool, a separate entertaining pavilion for said guests that have a full kitchen, a 5000 square foot sporting facility, a ten-car garage, space for 80 more cars on the property if they want to welcome guests, and space for 80 more cars on the property if they want to welcome guests. In addition, there are 24 bedrooms and 15 fireplaces.

Because I reside in Toronto, Canada, where the temperature may drop to as low as -20C/-4F in the winter and much lower when there’s windchill, maybe this is just me, but when our weather is like the average lowest temps in Los Angeles, which google says me is roughly 9C/20F, we’re not utilizing the fireplace. Why does every property in Los Angeles need a fireplace, much less 15 of them?

We are not talking about functionality here. It’s all about luxury. And every major celebrity, from Jennifer Aniston to Jennifer Garner to Jennifer Lopez, has a fireplace in their home.

J. Lo was seen the other day gazing at some fires while wearing a blouse designed by Gucci and Adidas, a crossbody bag, and a pair of pants. She wore a denim Valentino maxi dress with high boots and slits in public yesterday.

She also had a slit in the front of the garment. What I like the most about J. Lo is that she never wears shorts beneath her dresses, even when the dresses have slits that go up to the top of the thigh. After all, it’s not like we’ve never seen her ass. It has a fantastic behind it.

Right now, JLo has time to focus on renovating their new house. She was meant to be working on her new picture, Unstoppable, produced by Artists’ Equity, which Ben Damon and Matt Damon own.

However, due to the strike by the authors, production was put on hold for the last week. Given that Ben is both a creative and an executive, I would like to hear his perspective on the strike. After all, he and Matt won an Academy Award for writing, so he feels a sense of camaraderie with the other authors. It would be messed up if he wasn’t on the same page with the authors. (JLo House with Ben)

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