Jennifer Lopez shows her new style with lots of noise about appearance change

Jennifer Lopez New Haircut ~ As she enters a new decade, Jennifer Lopez is going through a process that will alter her appearance.

The singer, well known for her hit “Dance Again,” recently had bangs cut for herself in anticipation of her newest album, This Is Me Now.

She debuted on social media on Friday, the 16th, showing off her dramatic new haircut for the first time. Her loyal fans were eager to compliment her beautiful new look when she made the announcement.

Jennifer shared two of her selfies with her Instagram followers by posting and sharing them on the platform. In these, her hair is styled into chic waves with highlights throughout it. Because of how beautifully they contour her face, her bangs are the most compelling aspect of her appearance.

She captioned the photo with the playful phrase “Bang bang.”

Her committed fans have the same thoughts as we do about how gorgeous she is, and we agree with them. One of them gushed in the space designated for remarks, stating something along the lines of “My baby looks so good.” Someone else’s message said “HOT MAMA” and was written entirely in capital letters.

When we saw her earlier this week with her husband, Ben Affleck, on the red carpet, her luscious hair was in a sleek ponytail. Ben Affleck was there to support her. In addition, we have such stunning images in our hands. ~ Jennifer Lopez New Haircut

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