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Adele Titanic subAdele pauses concert to ask audience question about doomed Titanic sub

Adele Titanic sub ~ Adele paused her Las Vegas residency concert to ask the audience if they would have dared to explore the remnants of the Titanic on the ocean floor.

Her inquiry comes after the tragic news broke that five passengers were killed on the Titan, a 21ft submersible, following a ‘catastrophic implosion.’

‘Before this week, how many people, if they could, would go down to the very very bottom of the ocean to see the Titanic? Raise your hands,’ she said while seated on stage at the piano, as seen in footage, uploaded by a fan to TikTok.

After asking those that would have been willing to take the risk to raise their hands, the mother-of-one said she wasn’t surprised that most of her fans would have passed on the chance.

Still, the Hello hitmaker was curious if anyone in the crowd would take a trip in a rocket ship to space.

Upon discovering the majority would not, she admitted: ‘I wouldn’t do either, but only because I’m a bit of a p**sy. I’m a scaredy cat.’

The 16-time Grammy winner went on to reveal that she doesn’t even ‘go on rollercoasters.’

‘I just genuinely don’t have an interest in the deep sea or space, so that’s why,’ she added.

Still, the performer, who had a Titanic-themed birthday in 2018, said she did find both subjects ‘interesting.’

Adele famously celebrated turning 30, dressed as Kate Winslet’s Rose, with a party inspired by James Cameron’s 1997 classic epic romance and disaster film.

At the time, she thanked her ‘family and friends for entertaining’ her ‘super fandom of the Titanic movie.’

‘Last night was the best night of my life,’ she gushed on Instagram, following the festivities.’I’m absolutely f**ked, not sure I’ll make it out the house again.’

In March, Adele said that her Las Vegas residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace has ‘brought’ her ‘back to life.’

‘I feel so safe in here. My life is tiny. I don’t really leave my house and that’s by choice. My life used to be massive when I was younger. But it is like the bigger my career has got, the more scared and ­anxious I have become,’ she said, at a show earlier this year.

She continued: ”I hang out with my dogs, my son and my boyfriend, and chat away with my housekeeper. On Friday and Saturdays, I really look forward to coming [to Vegas] and it feels like having a night out and seeing my friends. It’s brought me back to life.’

‘: ‘I usually get butterflies and get nervous and I say a little stage prayer and cross my fingers, but I don’t get anxious with these shows. It has been the best four months of my career. This show has brought me so much joy. I have loved doing it,’ the star concluded.

Elsewhere, the hitmaker reportedly got emotional as she spoke about her last minute cancellation of the residency last year, saying it was ‘the worst thing I’d ever felt in my career.’

But she proudly declared that she had come back and ‘as usual, I smashed it’ saying it was the ‘London woman’ in her.

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