Why are Kardashian Sisters feuding? Kourtney accuses Kim in “The Kardashians” Season 3 Teaser

Kardashian Sisters feud

There is tension between Kim and her sister Kourtney (Kardashian Sisters feud). The third season of “The Kardashians” on Disney+ delves further into the root of the sibling pair’s present conflict, and it turns out that it has everything to do with Dolce & Gabbana. Fans have been guessing that the sibling duo has had animosity building up for a long, and the show confirms this theory.

To provide some background, Kourtney collaborated with the fashion company on her opulent Italian wedding to Travis Barker, scheduled in May 2022. Soon after that, Kim started a deal with the company, and Kourtney seemed to approve of this development.

Kourtney Kardashian lost her composure and started crying during a chat with Kendall Jenner that was shown as a teaser after the third episode of season three of “The Kardashians.” The talk was about Kourtney’s sister Kim’s choice to collaborate with the company. “Sorry, it just like upsets me,” she replied. “They are ripping off my wedding,” the bride said.

In previews for the forthcoming episode, she also made it clear that the conflict is, in fact, an accurate portrayal of actual events. “People think that it’s a misunderstanding,” she said. “No, it isn’t.”

In another part of the preview for the program to air the following week, Kourtney says that Kim is using their upcoming wedding “as a business opportunity.” After some time had passed, Kendall revealed to Kim that Kourtney “felt like her wedding vibes were stripped from her” due to the arrangement.

There has been some controversy around the Kardashian family’s choice to collaborate with Dolce & Gabbana in the past, but not for the same reasons that have caused Kourtney to be furious. The company has a long history of racism and homophobia; for instance, the brand’s co-founders, Domenico Dolce, and Stefano Gabbana, are claimed to have told an Italian magazine that “We oppose gay adoptions.”

According to Quartz, the only family that exists is the conventional one. In addition, they were criticized for an advertisement featuring a Chinese model using chopsticks to eat Italian cuisine, as well as other problems; however, neither Kourtney nor Kim has commented on these matters. ~ Kardashian Sisters feud

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