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Angelіnа Jolіe аnd Zаhаrа

Angelіnа Jolіe аnd Zаhаrа went on a trip to New York City, where they were seen walking hand in hand while laughing and having a good time.

When Angelina and Zаhаrа came to the inauguration of John F. Kennedy, pictures of them together were shot for the occasion. Zаhаrа wore a brown sweater with a grey skirt, a matching top, and a grey sweater, while Angelina wore a white dress that she complemented with a black jacket, some loose-fitting slacks, and a shirt. Angelina wore a brown coat over her white dress.

The next day, as the pair were out on a stroll in the neighbourhood, they were again seen on camera. Angelina wore a white shirt, a black skirt, and cream-coloured shoes for her outfit today.

He wore a shirt the same colour as his suit, which was also cream. Zаhаrа, wearing a yellow blouse, black jeans, and shoes, accompanied her mother into the forest. Zаhаrа was leading the way.

Zаhаrа had started her studies at Pelham College the previous academic year. If I keep talking about today, I will begin sobbing. I can feel it coming on. I haven’t started crying yet, so after seeing his ex-girlfriend off at the airport, he remarked in a video, “Hopefully, I can hold it together.

Even though they no longer share a residence, the two continue to find time for one another and have been seen going on various vacations together.

In his address at Time 100, Jolé spoke about Zаhаrа and her family history, and he touched on how much he had grown as a person as a result of parenting Zаhаrа. “My daughter from Ethiopia, one of my children,” she said.

And I have picked up a lot of helpful information from her. He is a part of my family, but she is an exceptional African lady, and I find myself in awe of her connection to her nation and her continent, although he is a member of my family. ѕhe ѕаid.

~ Angelіnа Jolіe аnd Zаhаrа

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