This past weekend, Victor Wembanyama was directly questioned about whether or not he intends to apologize to Britney Spears for the fact that one of his bodyguards swatted at her, and his reaction sheds light on the situation.

The young basketball superstar was making the rounds in Vegas on Saturday for NBA Con, and it seems as if Wemby dropped down at a neighborhood gym to say what’s up to some young hoopers and ardent fans… who were completely mobbing the kid on his way out of there.

TMZ got their hands on this video, and after you see it, you’ll understand what we’re talking about. There are children everywhere following him as he makes his way to an exit, competing with one another to get signatures.

VIDEO: Britney Spears Slapped By Victor Wembanyama’s security

It’s interesting to note that this mood is very similar to the one he was in earlier in the week when Britney tried to attract his attention… and it also seems that he’s rolling with the same security detail, who may include the same person that made contact with BS.

Even though this could be a more chaotic atmosphere than the one Wemby was in when Britney rolled up on him, it looks like Wemby and his crew are a lot more chill this time. This is the crucial difference. Keep an eye on his bodyguard, who is far less hands-on but constantly vigilant.

The next big question comes from a member of the audience, who bluntly inquires of Wemby as to whether or not he intends to apologize to Britney for what took place, which Britney has specifically requested.

There have been conflicting reports about whether or not the security guard in issue made apologies after the incident; we’ve heard that he did indeed come over to apologize to her, but a statement that she published says that he did not; furthermore, she seems to want more from Wemby and the Spurs.

In any event, the individual in issue does not respond to the previous inquiry and instead continues to speak. Assuming that he did hear it — because to be honest, who wouldn’t have at that level — you have to think that this indicates that he is not intending to add anything to what he has previously stated about the issue.

Even when he addressed the matter with the media, VW did not seem to regret the occurrence, even though he claimed to be primarily oblivious to what was happening until after it had already occurred. What he did state, though, and what is contradicted by another video that we have gotten, is that he was seized from behind.

The swat and slap will not result in filing any criminal charges, as we have reported before.

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