Titanic sub: Teenager on sub took Rubik’s Cube to break record, Suleman Dawood’s mother says

Titan Submarine Teenager

Titanic sub: Teenager on sub took Rubik’s Cube to break record : According to his mother, who interviewed the BBC, Suleman Dawood, a teenager who passed away in the Titan submarine, he has had his Rubik’s Cube with him because he wanted to try and achieve a world record.

The young man, now 19, applied to the Guinness World Records, and his late father, Shahzada, had brought a camera to document the incident before he passed away.

When word spread that communication with the Titan had been lost, Christine Dawood and her daughter were on board the Polar Prince, the support vessel for the sub.

She added, “I didn’t understand what it meant at that point, and then it just went downhill.”

Mrs. Dawood said in her first interview that she and her husband had to postpone a trip to see the Titanic disaster because they were obliged to do so because of the covid outbreak.

Since Suleman expressed a strong desire to depart, she took a step behind them and gave them the space they needed to set him up.

In addition to Suleman and his father Shahzada Dawood, two other people also passed away on board the Titan: the well-known explorer Paul-Henry Nargeolet, who was 77 years old and a former French navy diver, and Stockton Rush, who was 61 years old, and the chief executive officer of OceanGate, the company that owned the Titan.

Regarding her son, Mrs. Dawood said that Suleman was obsessed with the Rubik’s Cube and always had one with him, boasting to onlookers that he could solve the complex puzzle in twelve seconds. Suleman carried a Rubik’s Cube with him everywhere he went.

He said, “I’m going to solve the Rubik’s Cube on the Titanic, 3,700 meters below the surface,” and made his prediction.

As a student from the United Kingdom, Suleman spent his time at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Shahzada Dawood, a successful British businessman, sprung from a family that was among the most prosperous in Pakistan.

On Father’s Day, the family traveled aboard the Polar Prince. Among them was the family’s 17-year-old daughter, Alina.

Mrs. Dawood claims that her husband and son shared embraces and laughter before boarding the Titan submarine.

She remarked, “I was extremely delighted for them because I knew that both of them had wanted to do it for a very long time.” She knew they had wanted to do it for a very long time.

Mrs. Dawood described her husband as the kind of person who would have his family watch documentaries after dinner due to his insatiable interest in various aspects of the world.

Jessica Parker investigates the events that transpired during the search for the Titan submarine and the fatal outcome of those events.

She remarked that he has “this capacity for childish enthusiasm.”

As long as Mrs. Dawood and her daughter were aboard the Polar Prince, the search and rescue effort progressed from hopeful to desperate.

After 96 hours, Mrs. Dawood said, “I think I lost hope.”

According to her, at that point, she wrote a letter and sent it to her family. “You heard me, ‘I’m getting ready for the worst,'” I said. After that, I found myself losing hope.

She said that Alina managed to hold on for a little bit longer. She did not give up hope until she received the phone call from the Coast Guard. We were surprised when they informed us that they had found some debris.

The family made the trip back to St. John’s on Saturday, and on Sunday, a funeral prayer ceremony was held for both Shahzada and Suleman there. Mrs. Dawood wanted to convey her appreciation to the Imam for praying for each of the five individuals who had been killed.

Mrs. Dawood said that she and her daughter would try to find out how to solve a Rubik’s Cube in memory of Suleman and that she wanted to continue her husband’s work after he passed away.

The speaker stated, “He was involved in many things and helped a lot of people, and I want to carry on that legacy and give him that platform… it’s important for my daughter, too,”

Mrs. Dawood did not want to remark on the investigations still being carried out. Therefore, she chose not to. However, when asked how she and her daughter would go on with their lives after the tragedy, she responded, “Is there such a thing? I’m still determining.

She took a long breath in and said, “I miss them. “I really, genuinely miss them,” before releasing it.

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