When Sinéad O’Connor told about why she shaved her head: ‘It said, ‘Don’t f—k with me”

Sinéad O’Connor’s Shaved head

Sinéad O’Connor’s Shaved head ~ A lot of female celebrities shaved their heads but only a few have managed to fashioned in style. But, Sinéad O’Connor’s symbolic buzzcut might be the most famous of them all.

Irish Music Legend Sinéad O’Connor has died on Wednesday. It is still not clear what caused her death. She was 56.

“I don’t feel like me unless I have my hair shaved,” the legendary Irish musician once famously said. “So even when I’m an old lady, I’m going to have it.”

She revealed the heartbreaking reason in a 2017 interview. She opted for a short cut when she was in her growing up days in Dublin.

“When we were children, my sister had beautiful red hair, glorious red hair. That’s why I’d be jealous of her,” she recalled.

“But my mother took it into her head that my sister’s hair was ugly and horrible and disgusting. And she started — when I had long hair — she would introduce us as her pretty daughter and her ugly daughter. And that’s why I cut my hair off.”

She added that it would’ve been “dangerous” to wear her hair in a more traditionally feminine style, adding, “I didn’t want to be raped. I didn’t want to be molested. I did not want to dress like a girl. I did not want to be pretty.”

She also talked about her very first album and talked about problems about execs have problem with the hair cut.

“They wanted me to grow my hair long, wear short skirts and high heels and makeup and write songs that wouldn’t challenge anything,” she told The Sun in 2022.

“I wasn’t going to have any man telling me what to do, or who to be.”

In response to the absurd demand of the label, she went straight to a barber and shoved off whatever left of her locks.

“They looked at Sinead’s shaved head and went, ‘Now we know what we are dealing with,’” the star’s first husband and frequent collaborator, John Reynolds, recalled in an interview with the same outlet.

“It was a powerful statement from a woman, because it said, ‘Don’t f—k with me!’”

Irish Music Legend Sinéad O’Connor has passed away. According to the Irish Times, the singer died on Wednesday. It is still not clear what caused her death. She was 56.

She is survived by three children. He son Shane, 17, died five months ago. O’Connor is best known for “Nothing Compares 2 U” and many other hit songs. She converted to Islam in 2018.

~ Sinéad O’Connor’s Shaved head

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