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Samuel Jackson Avengers scriptSamuel L Jackson

Keyphrase – Samuel Jackson Avengers script ~ Samuel L. Jackson has asserted that the production office of Marvel Studios is responsible for stealing and then selling online his watermarked script for “The Avengers.”

When the movie was being shot in Canada, a crew member had a copy of it prepared for themselves before it was made available for purchase.

It was a requirement for the film producers that they fabricate a fictitious acquisition to prevent the screenplay from being distributed to the general public.

Although the person who attempted to sell a copy of the screenplay online did not show up at the meet, Jackson stated that the employee who printed a copy of the script was identified and resigned before leaving the country.

The actor from Pulp Fiction stated that Marvel has now increased its security measures to avoid a similar incident from happening again.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jackson revealed everything about his missing draft for The Avengers, published in May 2012.

The actor who plays Nick Fury in the film series raced to Canada to start shooting as quickly as possible after learning that a staffer in the production office at Marvel Studios had duplicated his screenplay.

It was instantly put up for sale on an internet marketplace, and a hunt for the perpetrator was initiated simultaneously.

“I recall that when we were getting ready to shoot ‘Avengers,’ someone printed out a copy of my ‘Avengers’ script with my watermark on it and put it online for sale,” he added.

“When Marvel came to visit, I was filming in Canada,” the actor said.

The production office was responsible for printing it. When they discovered who he was, he quickly quit his position and departed the country.

They pretended to purchase the script, but the individual who was supposed to pay for it never showed up. It was ridiculous.

I remember thinking, “I had no idea printers had memories.”

Jackson said that because more individuals are attempting to acquire access to scripts and tales, Marvel has increased their level of protection.

He used the example of drones, which fly over film sets and take photographs and videos to give audiences a preview of upcoming films.

However, Marvel no longer takes them seriously. Jackson stated that they had murdered one of them.

After following one, they returned to where the man had been standing. They were successful in locating him and taking him into custody.

Emilia Clarke, who portrays his co-star in the movie Secret Invasion, has spoken about how fans would go to gain spoilers.

Her discussion comes from working on the HBO show Game of Thrones.

After learning that some fans can piece together information from lone pictures, she made a concerted effort to avoid the same thing happening to Marvel Production by removing the SIM card from her mobile phone and making other preparations.

According to Clarke, when filming Game of Thrones, “some enormous security changes happened as it started to get to the later seasons.”

“Marvel,” David Benioff and Dan Weiss, the showrunners for “Game of Thrones,” said to me as we conversed.

It’s only now that Marvel is educating us. We want to follow in Marvel’s footsteps.

When it happened, Peter Dinklage and I said, “I need it on paper!” Therefore, it was decided that nothing should be printed.

It is only possible for me to commit my lines to memory if they are first written down.

According to Clarke, the fact that people used to fly drones onto the set of Game of Thrones to acquire information was detrimental to the situation when secrets were disclosed.

She stated, “I get scared to death if I hear the f****** noise of a drone.” [She was] referring to the sound of a drone.

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