Scott Disick Failed to Hide The Shock On His Face When Kim Kardashian Revealed that She Prefers The Lights Off During Se.x To Avoid Being Seen

Kim Kardashian Secrets

Kim Kardashian Secrets ~ You undoubtedly know by now that Kim Kardashian is enjoying the single life to the fullest.

The 42-year-old Kim has spent the vast bulk of her time in the spotlight coupled up.

Foremost, she married Kanye West in 2014 and married him until their divorce in February 2021. She then started dating Pete Davidson in October 2020.

Kim and Pete dated for nine months before breaking up in August. Despite the apparent seriousness of their relationship, they never discussed its development with anybody outside of their immediate circle.

Even though Kim and Pete were together for a good portion of the filming of Seasons 1 and 2, Pete had a minor role in the family’s reality program, The Kardashians. Kim also waited until March, almost six months after she and Pete began dating, to share any images of him on her social media.

In April last year, Kim revealed why she and Pete kept their relationship under wraps.

She added on Hoda Kotb’s Making Space show, “I do think that I am holding, you know, a little bit more close to my heart on certain aspects of my relationship with Pete.”

“It feels good just to know that, like, we have this connection and we have our little bubble of a relationship world that we live in that, like, not a lot of people know about,” she said.

Now, ten months after her breakup with Pete, Kim is discussing the difficulties of casual dating in the spotlight.

In the most recent episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, Kim discusses her love life with Scott Disick over dinner by revealing that they are “both single right now” and have much to discuss.

In response to Scott’s observation that he hasn’t seen Kim “out on any dates or anything,” the business mogul explains that she “can’t go out” on informal dates and instead needs to skulk around “behind doors.”

Scott follows up by asking Kim whether she avoids being seen by seeing guys in public by instead inviting them over to her residence. Kim, a mother of four small children, responds that it’s “kind of awkward” to usher people inside sneakily. She jokes as she pretends to urge a date inside, “Hurry, hurry, so no one in the hallway sees you.”

However, Kim continues by explaining how the overwhelming pressure from the media makes dating even more challenging.

“Here’s the thing,” she explains. If your relationship is public knowledge yet falters, you may feel pressured to keep it together out of shame.

Kim continues her confession by explaining, “You obviously learn from every situation, and the one thing I learned from my last situation was that the media made me feel like I was in a very serious relationship, so quickly.”

“I just wanna sneak around a little bit,” she says with a grin. There’s no shame in admitting you sometimes sneak.

At the dinner table again, Kim reveals to Scott that she isn’t ready to settle down with “one person,” before perhaps adding that she has “never” dated on the sly.

Kim then says her friends have arranged a date for her with a new man. She and Scott have decided to call this stranger “Fred.”

She adds, “What’s so funny is my friends wanted me to meet someone, so we go to New York,” and that they went to her favorite place, which has a “private room downstairs.”

Kim reveals that when she returned to the restaurant where she and Pete had their “secret dinners,” speculation arose that they were getting back together. ~ Kim Kardashian Secrets

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