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Kim Kardashian lingerie brandKim Kardashian lingerie brand

Kim Kardashian lingerie brand ~Within the pop-up store that designer Willo Perron designed for Kim Kardashian’s lingerie brand SKIMS in London, there is a three-tiered diving board next to a metallic palm tree.

The first actual retail location for the company in the United Kingdom can be found at the Selfridges department store in London. This location follows the same model as the brand’s original shop, which is located in Paris. With this area, the surfaces have been covered with panels of shiny plastic that have been thermoformed into soft curves to simulate the figure of a human body.

On the other hand, to create the atmosphere of a strongly chlorinated swimming pool for this pop-up shop that will only be open during the summer, Perron chose a bluish-gray shade that is suggestive of the sky.

The finished plastic panels have a sheen that is so reflective that it gives the impression that they are wet. These panels are used for various applications, including mirror frames, bench seats, wall panels, and the monolithic checkout counter that bears an imprint of the SKIMS brand. The shop’s focal point is an enormous copy of a three-tiered diving board. It has a stepped foundation and springboards fashioned from lengths of the same baby blue plastic.

The Grade II-listed department store has gleaming chrome tubes used as handrails and duplicated throughout the shop in the shape of gridded dividers and garment rails. These tubes curve around the columns of the building.

An identical sculpture of a palm tree made of metal completes the ambiance of the poolside area. It is built into the long bench set that stretches down the storefront.

Perron also designed two smaller freestanding platforms to exhibit stacks of rolled-up nude-colored SKIMS towels. These platforms had the same stairs and chrome railings as the diving platform but without the springboards that were present on the larger platform.

The store, which will be located in the ground-floor pop-up area known as The Corner store at Selfridges and will remain there until July 8, 2023, will sell the core selection of swimmers and bikinis produced by the company in addition to limited editions and seasonal colorways.

Customers will now have the opportunity to purchase ice cream in baby-blue freezers to match their swimwear, courtesy of the London gelato business Chin Chin Labs.

Kim Kardashian, the co-founder of SKIMS and creative director of the brand, expressed her excitement about bringing SKIMS Swim to London for the very first time and taking over The Corner Shop at Selfridges with the brand’s “most conceptual pop-up experience” to date. “I’m thrilled to bring SKIMS Swim to London for the very first time.”

“We have followers all over the world,” she continued to say. “We are truly global.” “As we move into the next phase of SKIMS retail, I am excited to connect with these customers by providing them with unique shopping experiences on a global scale,”

SKIMS’s swimwear product is back for its second year, and it continues to be geared towards giving a range of different amounts of coverage to accommodate a variety of body shapes and modesty concerns.

Following the release of its Adaptive Collection a year ago, this is an expansion of the brand’s aim to develop inclusive underwear and shapewear that works for individuals of diverse sizes and abilities.

The company intends to launch a collection of standalone shops around the United Kingdom and the European Union over the next three years. ~ Kim Kardashian lingerie brand

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