‘Just Old Friends’ Jeff Zucker and married anchor Alisyn Camerota walks hand in hand, His Girl Friend left early though..

Jeff Zucker and Alysyn Camerota Hand In Hand

Jeff Zucker and Alysyn Camerota Hand In Hand ~ Jeff Zucker and Alysyn Camerota were seen together on Saturday. Tabloid Daily Mail release some photos in which a sense of togetherness can be seen between Fromer CNN hocho and anchor Alisyn.

They went to attend a brunch hosted by Don Lemon in the Hamptons on Saturday. Camerota, 57, is married and she has three kids. Zucker, 58, is in relationship with Allison Gollust, 50.

Camerota and Zucker were seen smiling as they walked hand in hand. Gollust was also in the party but she exited the party alone. A source told Page Six that Zucker and Camerota may have seen holding hands but they are just friends.

The insider source insisted that the disgraced chief is still with Gollust.

“Allison and Jeff have never been happier,” the source says. “He and Camerota were going to meet Allison for coffee.”

Zucker lost his job last year because of his inability to disclose his relationship with anchor Gollust. Both of them resigned from the network after their relationship was discovered during an internal probe into ex-anchor Chris Cuomo, who was fired in December 2021.

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~ Jeff Zucker and Alysyn Camerota Hand In Hand

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