“Factorum ac dictorum memorabilium” has a story in it which is famously known to us as ‘Roman Charity’ which illustrates the bond existing between a true relation, a relation based upon care and sacrifice or simply portrayal of human ethics. The story is depicted as a painting, the painting may seem a sensuous debauched depiction, however, the depiction of the story in picture is marvelously incredible.

Aged Cimon, the father was given punishment of death by starvation, who had a daughter named Pero, who had recently become a mother, requested the authorities to grant her permission to daily visit his father until he dies, which was accepted. As per the punishment no food was permitted, so she was daily checked. As the days passed, the guards were become anxious of Cimon as he was still surviving, they became skeptical about daughter and decided to pry upon her, therefore, when Pero became to meet her father like always, some soldiers secretly followed her and stealthily watched the happenings. And they saw that Pero was breastfeeding his father, not just defying the punishment but doing a taboo. She was arrested and charged of her attempts and was found guilty of her profane act.
But realizing the devotion of a daughter to save her father, she and his father both were released and the charges were uplifted.

The story is still recited and is engraved and depicted in walls of churches and in paintings.

Not just the characters but the painter also deserves a great applause, not for doing as this is what his profession demands but how would he had come up with this idea and what he would have thought when he completed his work and decided to make it public, to be left upon the imagination of reader. And yes, the painting surely left us motionless.

(Vaibhav Mishra) 

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