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Angelina Jolie Personal Emails

Angelina Jolie Personal Emails ~ After their separation, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been involved in several protracted and many court fights. Still, the one over their Chateau Miraval vineyard is the most contentious. After they divorced one another in 2016, the property intended to be their home for the rest of their lives turned into a nightmare.

Even though Jolie has already sold the Stoli Group her half of the property, it does not imply that all of their legal concerns still need to be resolved. According to a story on the case published in Vanity Fair, the exes are engaged in “dueling lawsuits,” in which Jolie accuses Pitt of “alcohol abuse and financial control.”

At the same time, Pitt says Jolie is seeking “vengeance and retribution.” However, Pitt decided to buy this property first out of love and to provide a setting where he thought his six children would be able to “run free and not be subjected to the celebrity of Hollywood.”

Despite this, five years after they had broken up and just before Jolie sold Miraval to the Russian corporation, she sent an emotional email to her former partner. She revealed how hard life was for her behind the scenes at Miraval. “Even now, I can’t write this without crying,” Jolie wrote to Pitt in 2021.

“First and foremost, it is the spot where we welcomed the twins [Vivian and Knox] home to, and it is also the location of our wedding, which took place before a memorial honoring my mother’s memories. A place…where I imagined I would spend the rest of my life… However, this location also serves as the starting point for the dissolution of our family.

It signified something different to them, including a stable foundation for their family for Jolie and a very lucrative venture for Pitt, who took the winemaking business very seriously. Ultimately, it became a metaphor for the dissolution of their marriage, which was entangled in a tangle of solicitors and legal paperwork.

The shocking claims of domestic abuse that surfaced during their flight in 2016 ended the legendary Hollywood romance of Brangelina. However, Miraval is still in the background, reminding them of what they once stood for as a pair before the shadows began to descend. ~ Angelina Jolie Personal Emails

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